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Welcome to Lund University´s challenge - Master your idea

Win a full tuition waiver (worth € 12,000) for the Master's Programme in Entrepreneurship at Lund University!

Master Your Idea 2012!


A donation from the industrialist Sten K Johnson, has made the establishment of the Sten K Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship at Lund University as well as the establishment of scholarships for non-EU/EEA students applying to the Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship. possible. The scholarship is selective and targeted at top academic students. read more here about the selection criteria for the scholarship.

The scholarship will cover 100% of the tuition fee of the programme (110 000 SEK). Scholarships will be available for both tracks within the programme; New Venture Creation and Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation. To apply for this scholarship, follow the same application process as for the Lund University Global Scholarship. You do not need to specify in your scholarship application that you are applying for this scholarship. When applying to the Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship and for the Lund University Global Scholarship, your application will automatically be considered in the selection process for the Sten K Johnson scholarship.

For more information about eligibility and how to apply, please see the web page on Lund University Global Scholarship. The application form can be found on that page and the current application round is open until 16 January 2012.

99 Responses to

  1. vidhika kalyani says:

    Hey!Actually I am in class ten right now.I am going to appear for ICSE examinations.My question is, that ,can I take part in this competition.Please reply fast.I am eager to know your decision.

  2. Yichen Guo says:

    Can I upload a flashclip instead of video? I think sometimes flash can express a business idea better than video. So, may I?

    • niklas says:

      Dear Yichen,

      You can upload a flashclip instead of a video. We do recommend you to present yourself in the clip. Use your imagination.

      Look forward to your submission!

      Compete Today!

      Master Your Idea

      • Yichen Guo says:

        Thank you for you reply!

        I’ll try to put myself into the flash! If time doesn’t allow I’ll just make a video shot.

        Thanks again!

  3. lia says:

    Hello! I’m interesting to join this competition. What the first step that I have do for join?Please reply fast…Thanks

    • niklas says:


      The first step is to upload an executive summary and a 90 seconds video clip (strongly recommended) to present your business idea, then invite your friends to vote for you!

      Your idea can be focusing on any type of product or service. It can be a new product or service or even a new way to use existing products and services.

      Look forward to your contribution!

      Good luck!

      Master Your Idea

  4. ahsan iqbal says:

    i want to know that we can present any idea relating to developing a product and services.

    • niklas says:

      Dear Ahsan

      You can present any idea related to a new or existing service or product! Looking forward to your contribution. Compete today!

      Master Your Idea

  5. niklas says:

    Programme overview
    Master’s Programme, 1 Year, Full time
    Code: LU-18113
    60 credits
    Lund Campus
    Study period: 29 Aug 2011 – 03 Jun 2012

  6. Eileen says:

    Could you please tell me how I can vote for the videoes I like? I can’t find the gallary~

  7. hadi- says:

    Hi there!..

    I want to know, how we can invited our friends to vote us?..
    May I promoted my proposal by facebook?, or socialized this link, etc?..
    Please advice..

    thanks in advance,
    e.p. hadi-

    • niklas says:

      Dear Hadi,

      You can invite as many friends as possible to vote on your submission. Just send them the link, post a link to the competition on Facebook (or other social network) and ask them to vote for you. You have upload your submission before they can vote for you.

      Good luck!

      Master Your Idea

  8. Bjay says:

    Can I upload more than 1 ideas?

    • niklas says:

      Dear Bjay,

      You can only post one idea per person in this competition. Choose the best one and go compete!

      Master Your Idea

  9. yeganeh says:

    hi.i am jounior student.not bachalor student.can i participate?

    • niklas says:

      Dear Yaganeh,

      To join the competition, you must be a bachelor student enrolled in the final year or have been awarded a bachelor’s degree.
      For other students, you can still compete, the winners will get a diploma from the competition committee, and you will increase your chances in next year’s application to Lund University.

      Good luck!

      Master Your Idea

      • Daniel Yu says:

        Dear Niklas
        The ”Entry requirements” says that:
        Students who do not hold the required degree, but are registered for the last semester of a programme leading to such a degree, may be accepted by some HEIs……Some HEIs will accept a transcript after 6 semesters of completed studies……
        Is that true?

        • niklas says:

          Hi Daniel!

          That is true, but you are only accepted on the condition that you complete the last semester of your current programme. You will get a conditioned acceptance.

          /Master Your Idea

    • niklas says:

      Dear Yeganeh,

      Unfortunately the competition is open for students at higher level of education only.

      Maybe you can compete next year!

      Master Your Idea

    • niklas says:

      Dear Faisal

      To get the Scholarship and Admission prizes, the participant need to fulfill the general requirements of entering Swedish universities including Eligibility rule 1) and 2), and English language proficiency requirements. Check Studera for more detailed information.

      Please visit for information about the application and admission process.

      We hope this answers your question.

      Go compete!

      Master your Idea

  10. Yanhao says:

    I have a question about this competition that is, what if we have two people to submit the files for this competition. Is this permitted or this competition is strictly restricted to one person?

    • niklas says:

      Dear Yanhao,
      You should unload the video separately with own idea. And people would vote for 2 different submissions.

      Good luck!
      Master Your Idea

  11. Yichen Guo says:

    Dear Niklas,

    My idea is a little bit complicated, the video may last about 2 minutes which is 30 seconds longer than 90 seconds. Will it be OK or have any bad effect to my result?


  12. Sohel says:


    Is this idea will be applicable for worldwide prospect or regional. I am a student of third world.
    My idea should be applicable in third world no for the first world. Is this idea is suitable for this competition.


    • niklas says:

      Dear Sohel,

      It does not have the constraint on the market of your idea. You could apply it in any area and country you perfer. Worldwide and regional ideas are both acceptable.

      Good Luck!
      Master Your Idea

  13. mrmr says:

    how can i vote for the video that i chose ?

    • niklas says:


      You can vote by just clicking ”vote” next to the contribution. Invite all your friends to do the same. You only have one vote each!

      /Master Your Idea

  14. mrmr says:

    good ideasb..good luck

  15. niklas says:

    Hi Daishin

    You cannot delete the submission, but we can do it for you. Do you want us to remove it all so that you can upload again?

    /Master Your Idea

  16. Hi there,

    This is really a nice idea.
    I plan to study the Lund master program in autumn 2011.
    The Entrepreneurship Master Programm is my favorite. I also have an idea that I could submit,
    but as a EU student I don’t have to pay the full tuition fees (is that correct?)
    Ether way I would like to submit it if I have enough time.
    I just found the ”Master your idea” challenge and the 13 days deadline puts the film production under some time pressure, because i’d rather send something in that is well prepared and good looking.

    As I am not a filmmaker will it be a disadvantage when the video is not high quality etc.?

    When will be the next deadline and will it then still count for the 2011 programme?
    I want to specialize in marketing/communication and new ways/strategies/technologies for media and advertising.
    I could already work on research projects for digital OOH media including face-recegnition etc. for international brands in London. I found out that a some former Lund students are/were involved in projects (even companies like Polar Rose,…) that specialize on these topics and heard that there is a lot potential for innovations at Lund, which makes it my absolut favorit choice!

    This challenge itself is another good reason to choose Lund.

    Thank you for your help!

    Kind regards,

    Johannes Frieß

    • By the way…

      I am in my final year in Germany and will have finished my studies end of march 2011.
      Am I allowed to participate in this competition?



      • niklas says:

        Hi Johannes

        Yes, You are allowed to participate. As long as you are eligible before Programme start in autumn 2012 it is all ok.

        The deadline for submitting contribution for this competition is 21st of December. There will not be any other deadline if you want to compete for the Mater´s Programme 2011.

        / Master Your Idea

        • Johannes Frieß says:

          Thank God!

          I am currently cutting the short video that i want to subscribe. I am so happy that i have some more days to finish it and optimize it. Thank you!!!

          Best regards,


    • niklas says:

      Hi Johannes!

      Thank you for an inspiring email! YES, YOU CAN COMPETE. As you mentioned you would not have to pay the tuition fee if you choose to study at Lund University. However, by competing, you will be able to secure your position at the programme! We know the deadline is getting closer but you do not need to film the ”next Avatar” in order to win. You just need to have some good ideas…!

      We look forward to your submission!

      Let us know if you have any additional questions regarding the competition or programme.

      Best regards

      Master Your Idea

  17. wangyuanchi says:

    Dear Niklas,
    What is this video clip used for? Is it used to introduse myself or to introduce my idea?
    Thank you very much!~

    • niklas says:

      Dear Wangyuanchi,

      The clip should be used to present your idea. By recording a small clip we will get a picture of who you are and the ideas you have!

      Looking forward to see your contribution!

      /Master Your Idea

  18. Ibrahim says:


    I’m wondering if there are suitable time for voting after deadline 21st December , because if there somebody posted his clip in last days ..How can he gathering votes to his contribution ? is this fair ? can we compare it with contributions that have more than 3 weeks for voting ?

    I will be happy to hear from you .


    • niklas says:


      I am afraid you would not be able to vote after the deadline. We recommends applicators upload their videos as soon as possible. Ten finalists will be selected from the participating contributions. These consist of the five contributions with the most votes and five contributions that are selected by Lund University program director. The jury will then rank the contributions and decide upon the winners. So if the contribution uploads in the last minute, it will still have the chance to enter in the final as long as a great idea.

      Good luck,

  19. Nuno Ramos says:

    A lot of my friends are having problems opening the webpage.
    Are you having some server problems or something like that?

    • niklas says:

      Dear Nuno

      We are not experiencing any problem here. What browser are you using? Is it just blank?

      Best regards

      Master Your Idea

      • Nuno Ramos says:

        I don’t have any problems loading the webpage.
        I am in Sweden.
        But most of my friends are in Portugal and they are telling me they have some trouble openning the webpage.
        They need to try many times until the page loads and sometimes the vote doesn’t get submitted at first try.

  20. Juno says:

    Hey niklas,

    I should say it is really a great competition!
    Could we make any comments on the competitor’s idea?
    The steno cube sounds cool!
    I strongly recommend that there should be a place for comments! :=)


    • niklas says:


      Thank you for your advice. We will think about it. Now you can vote for the idea and share it via facebook.

  21. annie says:

    Hi Niklas,

    Cool ideas! em…Great fun to watch the video. I am into the ideas about the Steno cube and smart tag…and I think they would solve my problems!
    Have the competitiors worked out the productions? or they were working on the idea?

    It’ is really an innovative competition!

    Best wishes!


    • niklas says:

      Hi Annie!

      Thank you for the inspiring and positive feedback. The participants can be either ideas or ongoing projects or companies or solutions… In the case of Steno Cube and Smart Tags we think it is work-in-progress!

      Go compete Annie!

      Best regards

      Master Your Idea

  22. ying says:

    Dear Niklas,

    hm I want to leave some comments on the competitors. It’s totally amazing to view their creative thoughts. It seems that all the competitors are passionate and talented.

    Well, The steno cube and smart tags are best ever ideas! I am looking forward to seeing the 2 competitors to work out their ideas. They must be careful people who observe the daily life and care their surroundings.

    So nice to get to know such a competition!

    Good job!

    Best regards

    Ying Lam from Hong Kong, China.

  23. Daniel says:

    Dear Niklas,
    I’m one of the participants, who’s idea is ”Cultural Tourism Saves Historic Cities”. My problem is that I forget to upload my profile,is that OK?
    Best regards
    Daniel Yu

  24. wangyuanchi says:

    Dear Niklas,
    How can I deliever the introduction of myself including my name,university and nationality. And in the submission form, what is the document which is required about? Thank you!

    • niklas says:

      Dear Wang,
      First, you attach your contributions in the form on the webpage. Then, you enter your details in the form that pops up when you click the submission field. The document required is a one page summary of your idea.

      Kind regards /The Master Your Idea Team

  25. e.p. hadi- says: Master Idea there..

    I had been sent my proposal (xotrav project // completed with video), but I can’t saw the video (format AVI) attached. Are there something wrong?, format, etc?.., should I sent it back again?..

    thank you for your response..

    e.p. hadi-

  26. Yu Han says:

    I cannot upload my work.
    Can you help me?

    • chu says:

      Hi Yu Han,

      I think your contribution is already uploaded on the site. And the deadline is extended to January 1st, you can invite your friends to vote for you now.

      Let us know if you have further questions.

      Best, Master Your Idea

  27. vivek nair says:

    I have uploaded my video and theme as ”PRODUCTION OF INDUSTRY GRADE CARBON NANOTUBES(CNTs) FROM THE INDUSTRIAL EXHAUST AT A VERY CHEAP PRICE($0.1/gram)”, but the video part is not seen, when i click on it.I want to ensure if the video has reached you properly.
    Please let me know otherwise.
    Thank you,
    Vivek Nair

  28. Thao Tran says:

    I have been told by a lot of friends that it has been really hard or even impossible to vote or even open this website!!! It is kind of disappointing to hear that. However, I guess it’s too late to change anything. I just hope that for the next competition and candidates some improvements will be made.

    Sincerely yours,


    • chu says:

      Hi Thao,

      Thanks for your feedback, we apologize for the inconvenience, we’ll try to improve the site as much as we can.

      Also, the deadline is now extended to January 1st, 2011.

      Best, Master Your Idea

  29. Jessica says:

    I realy appericiate idea of offline social networking, i want to be a memeber of this organization already, i think this idea may be act as a revolution and change the way of our lives. it can solve problems of almost 90% of scandinavian countries and around the world, if this guy is not winning i would like to give him my personal support

  30. Katrina says:

    @offline social network
    i ve been suffering from loneliness whenever i travelled or moved to another country. i like motivation in this guy and i like his speech and presentation. though he never mentioned his marketing strategy hope my vote worth it

  31. Nuno Ramos says:

    I think it is disrespectful for the other participants what’s happing with the Ibrahim Jabour videos.
    Every time someone new submits a video then after a while a new video with Ibrahim Jabour name comes up.
    They aren’t even videos. It is a blank submission. In the rules it clearly says one submission only.

  32. sharifa says:

    i hope god will be with you ,we will pray to you to win

  33. Nuno Ramos says:

    I already submited my video and the executive summary.
    Should I also include a recommendation letter I have from my previous job here in Sweden?

  34. Jason says:

    So you change the deadline, will you change the other rules? Do the other key days delay too?

  35. zubair barkat says:

    hi!i want to compete in this competition.shall i have to 1st submit my application form in or i can submit my video by 1st January and then submit my application by 17 January?…thank you

  36. Vincent Groeneveld says:

    Hello! First of all let me say I think this is a great idea, it’s a great way to have potential students show you why and how much they want to enroll in the master. Unfortunately the website did not say anything about this competition coming up when I last checked the website when I was looking for a master, late august. I only saw the website again a couple of days ago when I wanted to check the documents specifically required for this master, at which time of course the deadline was very close already. I only had time to make a video yesterday and it proved quite hard to prepare a good video in such a short time (especially the sound quality when working with a mobile phone camera), so I eventually ended up uploading the video that was somewhat acceptable in my opinion so that I could get people to start voting for me. Now I would like to improve the video, but I do not want to lose any votes that so far have been made or votes that will be made during the time I’m making a new movie. When I want to upload a new movie, is it in any way possible to keep the votes that you already have? Thank you very much.

  37. Bert Stair says:

    …l (o)(o)l
    l cl ..l.. l . lo

  38. Stan Darsh says:

    Hi there, im Stan Darsh and im a highly successful billionare investment guy and i think Cultural Tourise Saves Historic Sites is the greatest idea in the history of ever. Im willing to morgage my house and all its contents to support this person in relaising his or her dream. I have informed my good friend Bert Stair about this too and he approved.

    Yours truly

    Stanly Darsh

  39. Jane says:

    I want to join this programme. I am very sorry I get this news so late, is it possible for me to take part in now?

  40. Leena says:

    i hope ”groundOne” will when
    wish all the best for the rest =)

  41. e.p. hadi- says:

    dear My Master Idea,

    I have so confused, I can not reach your for resubmitted my proposal, first sent it, your system can not read my video, than you suggested me to sent again, in while to asked your system to delete my current submission.

    I tried sent it by reguler way : xoTrav Project 2.

    if still any chance..

    thanks & regards,
    edy prasetyo hadi-

  42. Rob says:

    How come this person got 2400 vote in one day?????????????/
    It is not possible….there is cheating involved…we spent a month in inviting friends to vote and now someone got it in 2 days when everybody is on vacations and no one is online, how come
    check this person please
    Organic farming- for the people by the people

    • chu says:

      Hi Rob,

      We are investigating the votes sources, it is stated in the official rule that participants are not allowed to manipulate the votes. participants with will be immediately disqualified once found cheating in any ways.

  43. Calvin says:

    I mean you already change the deadline without any auspice. My question is that will you change it again? How about the other key days?

  44. chu says:

    We are investigating the votes sources, it is stated in the official rule that participants are not allowed to manipulate the votes. participants with will be immediately disqualified once found cheating in any ways.

    Master Your Idea Team

  45. chu says:

    Hi Calvin,

    There are no other changes.


    Master Your Idea Team


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