By 2050, the population on earth will reach approximately97亿人,几乎比当今世界高出25%。几乎所有的人口增长都将发生在发展中国家和海外。


Well better greenhouse crop yields can be a benefit to both the budding population and operation owners alike. Plants, whether grown in acontrolled greenhouse environment或outdoors such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, rely on water, microbes, nutrients, air, and light for nourishment and growth.

If we were to enhance certain elements in the growth cycle of these plants then ouryield potential会增加,尤其是温室作物。

Look, even though the sun is the perfect source of light, this is nature, after all, and it can’t be turned on and off like a light switch. The more we control the growing cycle, internal conditions and soil quality the more… our bottom line sales and yield will increase.

What Factors Effect Growth Potential?





Another important factor here is how well you manage on-premises水recycling, as it can mean the success or destruction of every crop.



At气候控制系统50多年来,我们一直在帮助温室所有者提高作物产量。我们的advanced greenhouse automation systems,可以帮助从测量土壤条件到提高作物产量的一切。

The real benefit is the compound effects from these greenhouse technologies that help farmers increase crop yields year after year. Essentially, for the investment in188bet体育博彩及真人种植者获得问uick payback or return on investment.


What 4 Things Really Increase Crop Yields?

What really causes a significant increase in plant growth and increased crop yields? There are a number of factors which likely contribute to sustained crop yields. Increasing crop yields seems fairly simple on the surface, as they were mentioned earlier….

  • Climate
  • Light
  • 营养素/食物



The true different between growing with or without automation, is the advantage of changing all growing conditions on autopilot. With the help of our118bet网娱乐 ,您可以拨入影响作物产量的每个生长指标的精确设定值。






A general rule of thumb is that 1% more light will give you a similar percentage increase in plant growth, resulting in a 1% higher yield.

有几个照明选项,以提高作物产量装备你的温室。HPS照明remains the most popular choice with a proven track record for vegetable growers. While Cannabis growers seem to prefer the spectrum of light that LED lighting technologies can provide.




  • E、 C级(Electrical Conductivity)
  • P、 小时(氢势)
  • ???

But there is another, before we tell you what that is, lets cover the first two quickly.


ECElectrical Conductivity属于is its ability to conduct an electric current. Soluble salts or other chemicals that dissolve in能分解成带正电荷和负电荷的离子。为什么这对农作物和温室种植者很重要呢?

In common growing media, common soluble salts are calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, sulfate and bicarbonate. Smaller quantities of potassium, ammonium, nitrate and carbonate are also found. So when we analyze theE.C. of the water它是测定培养基中可溶性盐浓度的一种有效方法。当可溶盐增加介质时,溶液成为更好的导电体,EC增加。

Why it Matters:基本上,我们想要找到水中盐含量的平衡。这可能包括降低施肥的浓度和频率,并彻底浇水以滤出过量的盐分。我们的金宝博备用helps you with setting the right fertilization levels and help achieve continuous crop growth.



A pH value that is too low or too high can bedetrimental to your plants,so it is important to get it right. If the Ph is too low (acidic), Most nutrients will dissolved easily, and too quickly. Which can cause an excess of manganese, aluminum and iron. If pH is too high (basic), Most nutrients dissolve less easily, and too slowly. This causes calcium, iron and phosphate compounds to precipitate or form solid deposits. This can also cause your drip irrigation systems to become blocked over the long term.

Why it Matters:当你的水和根区的条件在适当的Ph值,你会看到你的产量潜力增加。发现正确的Ph值平衡意味着你的植物会吸收适量的肥料,土壤肥力也会提高。这对作物的生存和恢复力至关重要。

温室所有者可以实现正确的Ph值输出,并在生长介质的根水平上进行正确的测试。看看我们的金宝博备用with and easily achieve the right amount of Ph at all times to improve crop health.


What is ORP or氧化还原电位是衡量消毒效果的直接指标。Oxidation-reduction potentialORP公司测量由于在灌溉水中添加所有氧化剂的效果而导致的氧化消毒率。


上面的描述听起来像是科学教科书里的东西,但我会解释它的好处以及为什么对你的孩子很重要灌溉饲料解决方案. 它实际上更多地发挥了回收和利用的作用废水管理.

Growers have long focused on things like growing mediums, planting practices, quality seeds and even CO 2. Where we have to ensure the proper circumstances in the water are met, for both irrigation and the fertilizer application itself. This article aims at educating you on why it is fundamentally important to focus on处理温室废水,拥抱新事物臭氧回收技术.


Our ozone pro water treatment systems accurately measures the ORP of your irrigation water. We like to call it, “The Lifeline to your Crops” as any farmer will tell you… Get the wrong type of bacteria in your water, and you are looking at some devastating crop losses. ORP is a simple metric that you can use to see how many oxidants, or how much disinfection power is currently in your water at the current time.

Why it Matters:这是一个重要的指标是一个伟大的方式来告诉你你的水有多干净,或者换句话说,它可以很快地重置自己的名义水平。臭氧水循环利用技术在过去的几年里,这项技术得到了很大的发展,许多种植者都在写这项技术带来的好处,地方政府也在自己的废水处理厂中使用了这项技术。

Choosing the Right Water Recycling System for Your Greenhouse Operation