该importance of quality water for the purpose of plant growth is indisputable. With a large number of growers gradually arriving at this realization, the need to reclaim and recycle greenhouse waste water has become a real need for every grower. But, how do you turn your greenhouse into a water recycling facility? Keeping in mind the water flow volumes that are in use during plant irrigation, it is evident that what ever you install for greenhouse water treatment systems it will have to be able to keep up with production.

温室面临的挑战很多。该irrigation water treatment系统必须有效地治疗和监测E.C.和pH值。您还必须确保水中没有细菌,病原体或疾病。安装的资本成本温室水循环系统with storage tanks can be a major concern. In addition to space and site restrictions, growers have to think about specific problems like water quality and plant health. A well-designed water treatment system is truly necessary for providing the best crops and even getting a positive return on investment for the owners of the facility.

Government-Mandated Greenhouse Water Recycling in Canada

加拿大政府已成立mandatory for greenhouses to recycle water。All greenhouses in Canada must follow these laws around recycling and managing these types of sewage from day to day operations:


  • Water with added nutrients
  • Water that has been used for irrigation and washing of crops
  • Recycled water
  • Water carried through floor drains inside the greenhouse operation, including water that mixes with storm water

温室也必须获得批准Ministry of the Environment用于废水或雨水排放。收购此批准的过程相当简化。现在,除了当局的批准和认证外,温室还需要迈出循环灌溉水的一步。有不同类型的water treatment systemsthat can not only aid the process, but help you excel at growing at high yields.

Water Recycling & Treatment Systems in Greenhouses



该most basic form of a water filter system in a greenhouse is the sand filter, which may be of three types:

  • 快速砂滤器
  • 慢砂过滤器
  • 向上流动砂过滤器

Rapid sand filters and upward flow sand filters implement flocculant chemical usage for higher effectiveness. In contrast, slow sand filters remove 90% while improving the taste of the water, without any chemical use. The medium through which the water is passed is sand. However, a sand filter may also have an活性炭层。这种温室碳过滤器有助于从水中取出气味和奇怪的口味。

Sand filters tend to get clogged, and the filter systems then have to be back-washed. The water forms a sludge that may be good for plants when mixed with the soil. However, when it’s not disposed of properly, it can contaminate drinkable water. Usually there are some large expenses here as you have to replace the filters and even pay environmental fees for their removal.


种植者喜欢在温室中使用其他两种类型的过滤器。这是我们远离术语水过滤的地方,进入非常先进的水净化系统。他们在市政水处理厂看到的相同类型。大型商业温室只有两种选择,他们是Ozone Water Treatment Systems要么uv.Light Technology

Let’s take a quick look at how each system uses two different technologies to give you an informed look at advanced water purification for ultimate plant safety.

Ozone Water Treatment Systems

This system uses ozone, a gas that when dissolved in water, is capable of killing microorganisms instantly, by breaking down pathogens, and destroying any bacteria in the water. They help to control water contamination through oxidation. As soon as the gas is infused in water, the oxidation process begins at contact with any contaminates in the water. Ozone is very effective at treating greenhouse waste water as it is 99.999999% effective at killing all bacteria in the water.



Have a look at this温室研究谈论溶解氧在水中的所有益处。这篇文章直接说明:“溶解氧(DO)的测量也被证明对植物生长至关重要。“在未来的种植者中,将测量水中的溶解氧水平,就像测量pH和例如植物生产一样多。

uv.Light Technology


Greenhouses now prefer to choose between UV or Ozone treatment systems. However, most growers now prefer臭氧回收that are engineered to overcome the shortcomings of UV like the following:

  • 该y cannot work if the water is turbid.
  • 它们仅在水中在UV室内工作。
  • 如果水流量太高,它们无效。
  • 该y cannot affect algae.
  • 它们具有非常高的更换率。(毕竟它只是一个灯泡,记住?)


具有CCS-SW80等离子臭氧技术的温室的Ozone Pro


What more can we say? Growers demanded perfection and we delivered.

用CCS-SW80等离子体臭氧技术回收水 - 优惠:

  1. Less Plant Disease:Water-borne microorganisms that can harm your plants and cause diseases are destroyed by ozone technology through direct contact, and no chemicals.
  2. Very Cost-Effective:这个臭氧处理系统可以完全cost-effective in the long run, as it helps to save on water bills and fertilizer costs with greenhouse automation.
  3. 更好的植物生长:After the process of sterilization, ozone breaks back down to oxygen. The oxygen boost at the plant roots can contribute to faster maturation and healthier plant growth in the greenhouse. You’ll notice a higher volume of yield, with better flavors.

联系Climate Control Systems:


它们提供了对水中污染物和病原体的最高控制,增加了益处。使用我们的臭氧专业技术消毒的灌溉水将导致较大的作物产量,更好的底线和最好的......Peace of Mind