Greenhouse Fertigation Management: Those who grow cannabis will be thankful for the integration of fertigation systems, along with climate control (or manager). It allows control of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide dosing, misting, fogging, and grow lighting whenever and wherever they are required.




More Benefits of Greenhouse Automation


Cannabis grown with greenhouse automation can help you produce bigger and better buds, consistently. We also have systems that collect the waste water run-off for recycling. This creates more efficiently and sustainably, with no worry of pests or diseases as we treat the waste water with ozone purification.


These automated irrigation systems are crucial to the health of your marijuana all the way from cannabis seeds to fully mature adult plants. They can make the difference between a small farm and the ability to scale up your business with both a quality product and healthy cash flow.


Aside from the above features mentioned, it is important to remember that the automation systems are easy to install and use. They are designed and built for everyday growers like you who can benefit from the system.


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