Technical Support Pricing Guide:

Greenhouse Automation can be technical, but need not be overly complicated. With our newTechnical Support Service Contractswe ensure you are back up and running with your greenhouse systems in no time. As always installation is covered by the initial contract. Tech support is to help out growers when the unthinkable happens or if you would like a program software update for your system, in either case… we have you covered.

Single Support Items USD Pricing CAD Pricing
Phone / Email support (1 hour Call) $100 $135
Software Program Upgrades $750 $1,000
On-site service, per 8 hour day *1,*2 800美元 $1065
Annual Support Contracts
Yearly Service Contract – (1 Payment) 20 hours $1,250 $1,623.75
Yearly Service Contract – (12 Monthly Payments) 20 hours 125美元 $162.50

* 1) Plus travel and lodging if required.

* 2) Not included with Yearly Service Contracts (these are for remote support only)

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